Being a designer I'm all too familiar with the afflictions of designing for yourself. That's trouble enough, but designing for friends and family comes with an entirely different set of obstacles!

Nevertheless it's an honour to be trusted with such things, so when my little brother and sister-in-law-to-be asked me if I'd design their wedding invitations I dutifully obliged, pretending like I had a choice.

Luckily they're both all kinds of awesome, so I didn't mind one bit.

They wanted something contemporary and un-fussy, not too dainty or overly ornate. As usual, the typography is more than half the battle - I finally settled on Chronicle Display and Novocento Sans, with a Baskerville ampersand.

It's nice to be able to contribute in some small way. It felt particularly special to use a photograph that I'd taken; that it matched so cutely with the colour scheme of the occasion was a charming coincidence!