We've added a major new feature to Kangaroom!

Until now, we've always been a room aggregator, scouring sites like Gumtree and Moveflat, plotting their rooms on our map and routing the user to its source.

But that's just changed! We've been working for ages on a neat system & interface which we reckon makes it a whole lot less unpleasant to type the details of a room in to a computer.

It's totally free as well, so maybe tell your friends and room hopping acquaintances?

There were a few usability issues in using Google Maps as the background to the old homepage, but I liked the idea of using a full screen map.

To make the site load quicker, reduce map impressions and take a little more control over our visuals I made a vaguely accurate, wildly simplified map of London. Just a little homage to our city - although Kangaroom is now live in the US, too! ⍤

As usual Jinder did an an amazing job in pulling it all together, the new homepage is nice!