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17 Jun 2014

I made a neat TV remote app with Ed Lea.

It works with wifi-connected Sky+ & Virgin Media boxes in the UK.

10 Jun 2014

We've added a major new feature to Kangaroom!

Until now, we've always been a room aggregator, scouring sites like Gumtree and Moveflat, plotting their rooms on our map and routing the user to its source.

But that's just changed! We've been working for ages on a neat system & interface which we reckon makes it a whole lot less unpleasant to type the details of a room in to a computer.

It's totally free as well, so maybe tell your friends and room hopping acquaintances?

There were a few usability issues in using Google Maps as the background to the old homepage, but I liked the idea of using a full screen map.

To make the site load quicker, reduce map impressions and take a little more control over our visuals I made a vaguely accurate, wildly simplified map of London. Just a little homage to our city - although Kangaroom is now live in the US, too! ⍤

As usual Jinder did an an amazing job in pulling it all together, the new homepage is nice!

8 Jun 2014

Had fun working on this great new video to promote Yoyo.

I did the graphics & stuff.

10 May 2014

Late last year at Highgate Labs we flirted with the idea of a bitcoin payment client for a while, but thought better of it.

Another one of those things that nearly was, but for one reason or another, wasn't. No shame in that.

It was only a rushed identity & idea. I'll leave it here anyway.

8 May 2014

Hey! I updated my website using Cactus. It's slightly better than the old one.

30 Mar 2014

Thanks, Avoriaz!

10 Mar 2014

Did some nice work for Worldpay! Not really allowed to show it though.

22 Aug 2013

See you next year, summer.

10 Aug 2013

Still working on a little something called Skeleton with my buddy when we can find the time. Should be cool when we eventually get it up & running. Stay tuned yeah.

28 Jul 2013

We've been building your new, smarter CV.

It's called Skeleton, and we're super excited to be releasing in beta very soon. Pop your email in the box to register, yeah?

Made by Whoever

20 Jul 2013

Had a pretty good time.

8 Apr 2013

It's been almost a year now since we started work on Paddle. The team's grown, our product's evolved, and it's a really exciting time for us.

We're committed to making payments as easy as possible, securely from the palm of your hand.

In the coming weeks a national favourite, Marks & Spencers, will be trialling Paddle in-store and we're really proud that they've chosen our product ahead of some worthy competition. There's no shortage of activity in the mobile payments space, but we believe strongly in the experience we've crafted, and there's a lot more to come from us yet.

It was nice to see us featured in Easter Sunday's Independent as well as a host of other reputable industry sources recently, including Pocket Lint, CNN, Computer Weekly, Mobile World Live and Mobile Payments today.

It's available now, and there's a demo store where you can try it out for yourself without making a purchase.

4 Apr 2013

Ski trip was fun.

1 Feb 2013

In September I teamed up with my buddy Jinder at TechHub to work on a new interface and identity for his bootstrapped proof of concept, Kangaroom. Here's how it worked out..

It's retina, responsive, live now and it kicks ass. Read a little more about the product and how it was built over here.

Tell everyone.

22 Aug 2012

I bumped into the mixcloud guys at Google Campus recently. I've long been a fan of what these guys are doing, and especially since they're a London startup too.

I caught up with Nico again a week later and decided to spend a spare evening putting this together. I guess it's just a quick representation of how I'd like it to be.

Here's the current page for that Maya Jane Coles Essential mix (worth a listen!). Click above for hi-res.

EDIT: This looks very crap now, since the guys did an incredible job on the new version.

22 Jul 2012

I bank with Natwest. It's not completely useless, but it's not very useful, either.

I've been following (formerly BankSimple) since they started making a few waves last year. Taking a little inspiration, my continued frustration, and a loose connection at Natwest, I very quickly put together concept of something quite a lot more 'helpful'.

25 Jun 2012

I designed the identity for Highgate Labs, parent company to our first product; Paddle.

It's close!

9 May 2012

I love analogue photography.

1 May 2012

In 2010 the iPhone 4 was born, and finally mobile photography became passable. I'd also picked up a few analogue cameras, and if photos were anything to go by I'd had a pretty good year.

On 1st January 2011 I resolved to create a 'Poster of the Year', every year, for the rest of my capable life. Seemed like a nice idea.


Was just the beginning...

2010 for me was special year. I was enjoying life with my good friends @putitout, holidaying in the Alpes, the South of France, Italy, and - amazingly - South Africa for the World Cup, courtesy of Kodak. Two great couples were married, I met a girl, and my great friend from university was tragically lost to a drunk driver. The year ended as it began, covered in snow.


Where did it all go wrong?

An epic skiing trip, an unforgettable first Glastonbury, happy holidays in Antibes, and trips to Budapest and Berlin. But most of all, 2011 was about a relationship. And a lovely little flat in Hampstead Heath.

I wonder what 2012 has in store.

I'd like to think that one day long from now, every year will be on my wall somewhere, telling a great and truthful story. Who knows, let's wait and see.

10 Apr 2012

I started work on Paddle. Tell y'all soon.

1 Mar 2012

Look Mum I'm on the internet!

I needed a place to write things down, so here we are. It's been an interesting year, and I'm excited about what the future holds.

I'll share the good bits, and maybe even get round to writing down a few words now and then. Let's see how it goes.

I've had my share of Wordpress blogs in the past and always been frustrated to the point of abandonment by their fiddliness. This time, I used Write posts in Markdown, store them in a folder on your Dropbox and.. Well that's pretty much all there is to it.

Excuses... bye!